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Energy and Sports Drinks are Destroying your Teeth

energy drinksAn increase in tooth sensitivity in teenagers and young adolescent has promoted a new study on the effects sports and energy drinks have on your mouth. This new study concluded that the high acidity levels of sports and energy drinks can cause irreversible damage to tooth enamel.

Researchers found that the high acidity levels of most of sports and energy drinks essentially bathed the teeth in a bath of acid. After just 5 days of testing, they found signs of erosion and irreversible enamel damage. Tooth enamel is not regenerated and once lost it is gone forever. With more than 62% of teens consuming at least 1 of these drinks each day, dentists are finding an increase in decay and fillings for their patients.
Most teenagers when questioned felt that consuming a sport or energy drink was considered much better than drinking a soda and were surprised to learn the damaging effect these types of fluids can have on their teeth.

The best preventative measures would be to remove sports and energy drinks from your diet. If you select to continue using these products, consider reducing the number of drinks you consume and immediately rinse your mouth with water after consuming a beverage. This will help reduce the residual acid build up in your mouth. Also chewing gum of the sugar-free variety helps increase saliva and returns your mouth to its natural acidity levels.

Lastly, refrain from brushing your teeth for at least 1 hour after consumption. Brushing could distribute the acids to other portions of your mouth and increase erosion. Take care of your teeth and they will take care of you and see your dentist regularly.

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