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Prepare Your Babysitter

babysitterNervous about leaving your little one home unattended for the first time? If you haven’t adequately prepared your babysitter for the task of handling a baby, your nerves are probably warranted. Set your mind at ease by preparing your tot’s babysitter for success with the three tips below:


1. CPR Training: Though you can certainly hope she’ll never have to use it, having CPR training in her back pocket is great way for your babysitter to be prepared in an emergency. Find a local class in your area that offers a Child and Babysitting Safety class.


2. Emergency Numbers: Should something go amiss or should she simply have a question, be sure she has a working number for you and your spouse. In addition to giving her your cell, it’s a smart idea to give her contact numbers for wherever you’re going in case cell reception isn’t the best.


3. Experience: Ask your babysitter whether or not she’s ever spent time with an infant before leaving her at home with your own child. If her answer is no, offer to have her act as a mother’s helper for a bit while you’re at home in order to give her experience under your careful supervision.

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