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The 5 Dirtiest Places in Your Home

Kitchen Sink – Would you believe your toilet maybe cleaner than your kitchen sink? Most of us will use a disinfectant cleaner to clean our toilets, whereas, we usually only rinse our sinks with plain water. Left-over food on plates can breed e-coli or salmonella. These germs can easily transfer onto your hands, which then can get into your mouth, eyes or nose, as well as other foods that you may prepare for consumption.

Salt & Pepper Shakers – A University of Virginia study showed that almost all the Salt and Pepper shakers tested showed signs of the cold viruses.

Toothbrush – Most of you just rinse and put away our toothbrush, creating an inviting moist environment for bacteria growth. Also when flushing your toilets, a fine mist is released into the air which can be suspended for up to 2 hours. These fine droplets can fall upon exposed surfaces such as toothbrushes.

TV Remote – Any viruses and bacteria’s you pick up on your hands throughout the day are then deposited unto other surfaces, such as the one used by all family members, the TV remote control. Of all surfaces in your home this one is that contains the most recorded bacteria.

Computer Keyboard – If you eat at your computer, sneeze on your keyboard, or sit down to surf the Internet without first washing your hands, your computer keyboard could be a health hazard. In a recent study by a British consumer group, researchers swabbed keyboards for germs and found a host of potentially harmful bacteria, including E. coli and staph. Four of 33 sampled keyboards had enough germs to be considered health hazards. One had levels of germs five times higher than those found on most toilet seats.

To help control infections and the spread of disease, you may consider regularly cleaning these common household surfaces with a disinfectant or a solution of bleach and water.

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