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Richmond Training Concepts offers a wide range of certification classes to meet your needs
Our Cost-Effective certification training programs from CPR and First Aid through Advanced Life Saving

  • <strong>AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider</strong>
    AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider

    The BLS for Healthcare Provider course teaches the essential skills of CPR for victims of all ages. It is designed for individuals in the healthcare or professional rescuer field that are required to have a professional-level basic life support training.

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    CPR and AED for Community and Workplace class

    This course is designed for Teachers, Coaches, Babysitters, Construction workers, and the general public. The  CPR AED Course is a course that teaches lay rescuers how to recognize and treat life-threatening emergencies, including cardiac arrest and choking for adult, child and infant victims.

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    CPR/AED and Basic First Aid Combo class

    The CPR/AED/First Aid course covers first-aid basics, medical emergencies, and injury emergencies. This is the course to choose for efficient, effective training of education and child-care professionals, recreation and community program staff, new parents, construction workers and other caretakers.

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    Basic First Aid class

    Basic First Aid was created to help students develop basic first aid knowledge, skills, and the confidence to respond.

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    Emergency Oxygen class

    The Emergency Oxygen course focuses on administering emergency oxygen to breathing and non-breathing persons, emergency oxygen delivery systems, and integrating pulse oximetry.

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    Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness class

    Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness course includes information that will help students understand what bloodborne pathogens are and how risks of exposure can be reduced for themselves and others.